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Yeti Hopper 40 cooler | your ultimate cooling solution

Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler is the best hopper for them who like adventures and go out for this. A hopper cooler is the cooler to carry some foods, beverages and other things. If you love fishing, you can go with a portable hopper cooler with some ices and foods. This hopper is durable, heavily constructed and also soft. However, Yeti Hopper 40 will be the best choice for them who like bonfires or camping.

Why you need Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler?

Before buying any product, you should know why this product is necessary to you. Now I am going to show you the reasons why you need the Yeti hopper 40 Cooler. It will be a great companion for you for some adventures.

yeti hopper 40 cooler

Yeti Hopper 40 can be a useful thing for the soccer game. When parents go out for the child’s soccer games, they like to take snacks and water with them. Besides, an ice pack is necessary when an injury takes place. In this case, a Yeti Hopper will help the parents very much with all necessary things. When you go for a long drive with your family, this cooler will be great to you. Take snacks, canes, ice icy in this hopper. Besides, at the time of boating, you can take some foods and cans in this hopper to refresh yourself.

Features of Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler

The Yeti brings some awesome hoppers for their customers. Though this 40 cooler is slightly expensive, it is considered as the hard-shell coolers. If anyone like a hard-shell cooler than a soft-shell one, I recommended him this hopper cooler. This cooler will provide you the great services and you must like it. Let’s see some features of the Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler.


This hopper comes with a modern design. It is as like as original cooler just portable. However, you will love it. It is really easy to pack and unpack this hopper. Besides, you can keep a number of cans in it. The narrow design of this cooler makes it easy and comfortable to carry. You can put some foods and beverages in it or can fill it with ice and 36 cans.

yeti hopper 40 cooler review

Thermal regulation

To check the thermal regulation of this hopper, you can put some ice on some beer cans. Then after four to six hours, check the temperature of the cans. You will see that the temperature of this cans is cold good than the Coleman and other coolers. So, it seems that the ability of this Yeti hopper cooler is really praiseworthy.

Leak proof

I can tell you that this hopper is 100% leak proof. So, there is no chance to enter water into this cooler. Here the company uses Hydro lock Zipper that protects water.

yeti hopper 40 sale


Before buying anything, all of us think about the durability of the product. You need not worry about hopper 40. This product is built for long-lasting. You can throw it around or pull this hopper in the dirt, use it roughly.


At the case of portability, Yeti Hopper 40 is good. The manufacturer uses here some stiff materials. So, sometimes you can feel little bit suffer from this hopper. However, you can carry this hopper easily and stuff into the tight corners. So, just keep it on your shoulder and can hike a polite distance.

Easy to Use

OF course, an original hopper is different from a hopper Cooler. The original hoppers are very much durable and the zippers are hard to keep them waterproof. In the original hopper, the zippers are at the top of it. But sometimes it is difficult to open the zipper. Yeti Hopper 40 is the cooler that you can call it a soft cooler. But I think this cooler is somehow different from other soft coolers. When you use this cooler, you will see the causes that make it different.

Is Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler is a soft cooler?

The straps of this hopper are very solid. You can easily get the zipper. However, the zipper of this hopper cooler is high-quality to make it water-proof, highly insulating. At first, you may feel a little sticky with this zipper. But you can use the zipper lubes of Yeti which are really cool. Overall, this hopper cooler is easy to load and unload.

Yeti Hopper 40 comes with two different colors to the customers. You can have a look which one looks great to you.

Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler Fog Gray 

It is one type of the Yeti hopper 40 based on the color. This product is for those who like Fog Gray or Tahoe blue. All the features such as Hydro Lock Zipper, Dry hide Shell, Hitch point Grid are the same.

yeti hopper 40 cooler

YETI Hopper 40 Portable Cooler Field Tan

Yeti brings one more color option of Yeti Hopper 40. The color of this product is Field Tan or Blaze Orange. With the same features of Yeti Hopper Fog Gray, it comes for those who love Blaze Orange.

yeti hopper 40 cooler


  • 1.Very much portable.
  • 2.It is the perfect hopper for camping, hiking, boating.
  • 3.Keep the stuff cold for a long time.
  • 4.The size is bigger little to carry more stuff.

  • Cons

  • 1.Sometimes the zipper gets tough.
  • 2.It is a little bit expensive.

  • Yeti hopper 40 cooler is a well soft-shell cooler. Though it is more expensive, you can choose it for its durability and portability. However, the quality construction of this hopper makes it expensive. So, if you have the budget, do not wait to take this Hopper Cooler.

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