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Yeti 65 for sale | Why you need to buy it

Are you looking for a top quality cooler that not only provides the best service but also comes within a decent price range? Look no further. Yeti 65 for sale right now.

Over the years, Yeti has become synonymous to durability and high quality. Their coolers are providing top notch service to millions of people and among all the great products, Yeti Tundra 65 is one of the best, coming out of their workshop.

yeti 65 for sale

But before rushing to buy the cooler only because the Yeti 65 is for sale, right now, read our review on the tundra cooler and know why this cooler is better than its competitors.

About Yeti Coolers

The Yeti coolers were designed and founded by two brothers who were unsatisfied with the performance of regular coolers. They wanted a cooler that would survive any condition and provide premium cooling as well. And hence, they came up with the ultimate Yeti 65 tundra cooler. This tundra cooler meets all the needs of its users.

Yeti 65 Tundra Overview

Yeti added as many features and functions as possible to this jaw-dropping cooler. Since the founders were bored with other coolers’ ineffectiveness, they made the Yeti 65 tundra anything but inadequate.It is made from sturdy rotomolded materials with polyurethane foam injected PermaFrost™ Insulation system for maximum ice retention. The sturdy construction of the cooler made it durable and even bear and hazard-proof so that it can stand any rigors and still work perfectly.

Moreover, Yeti added a freezer grade gasket in the tundra cooler to lock in the cold air. To make the cooler more secure, patented designed T-Rex latches are included in the lid so that there is not the slightest chance of hot air getting in or cold air escaping the cooler.

yeti 65 cooler for sale

Features of Yeti Tundra 65 ​​​​


As I have mentioned before, Yeti equipped the 65 tundra cooler with a bunch of features and facilities. These features made the Yeti 65 cooler the best buy for your money.

Don’t go with my word. Read their features below and I’m sure you will feel the same about this cooler.

Rotomolded Polyethylene Construction


Like many of its competitors, the Yeti 65 cooler has a Rotomolded Polyethylene Construction which ensures premium insulation and forms a nice chest to maintain the coolness. Premium insulation is an indicator of a great cooler. Better insulation assures that the ice will stay intact and the cooler will remain cold for a longer period of time.

Additionally, the sturdy rotomolded construction is virtually indestructible and is very much long-lasting. This sturdy nature made the Yeti cooler tolerant to any rigors of the journey.


yeti 65

PermaFrost™ Insulation

We all know that great insulation indicates a great cooling performance of a cooler. And the Yeti 65 cooler is considered as one of the best insulated coolers available in the market. This cooler is equipped with a 3-inch PermaFrost™ Insulation system which helps the ice to remain ice for a longer period of time.The commercial grade pressure injected polyurethane foam present in the walls and lids makes it more difficult for the ice to melt and lose its cold.

Includes Cold-lock™ Gasket

No matter how well insulated a cooler is, if air passes in and out, you can’t consider to buy it. To lock cold air in and keep hot air out, the Yeti tundra added a firmly sealed, freezer quality Cold-Lock™ Gasket to the cooler. This gasket prevents cold air to pass out and hence, the ice in the tundra remains ice for as good as 10 days.

yeti 65 tundra for sale

T-Rex Lid Latches

To prevent any kind of ineffectiveness, the Yeti 65 cooler comes with T-Rex latches which are made using a patented technology. This patented technology makes the tundra cooler unique and there is no chance that you will get another cooler with the same latches and technology.

yeti tundra 65 white with latch

Pros of Yeti 65 Tundra​​​​

I have mentioned earlier that the yeti 65 cooler is packed with wonderful features and benefits. After careful consideration, I have listed a bunch of benefits for u:

  • The insulation and refrigeration of the yeti 65 cooler are superior and second to none.
  • The INTERLOCK™ lid system of this tundra cooler creates a foam fitting barrier to retain coldness.
  • Yeti 65 tundra coolers are known for their durability and these coolers are certified bear-proof.
  • To keep the cooler in place and prevent any kind of slip, Yeti added BEAR-FOOT™ non-slip feet to this cooler.

Cons of Yeti 65 Tundra

  • The Yeti 65 tundra is relatively more expensive compared to its competitors in the market.
  • My Story with Yeti 65 Cooler​​​​

    For a time, I was hearing about Yeti coolers from my friends and neighbors. One day, I decided to buy one Yeti cooler when my previous cooler broke and fortunately, got a Yeti 65 for sale. My Yeti 65 tundra experience is totally worth the money I spent.

    It’s my favorite hobby to go camping and do activities like fishing and hiking while I am out camping. As I like to take chilled drinks all the time, it was important for me to buy a backup freezer was easily portable. The Yeti 65 cooler didn’t only meet my portability requirement; it also presented me with so much more facilities. My drinks remain super cool even when I return from extra-long outdoor trips. It has the best insulation I have ever experienced.

    yeti 65 tundra

    Even cleaning and draining is super easy in this tundra cooler. The VORTEX™ drain system is rugged and leak proof and drains water only when I pulled out the plug.

    My thoughts on Yeti 65 cooler is that I reckon I won’t have to buy another cooler in my whole life because this tundra cooler is much durable; it even survived a bear attack. I would genuinely recommend this cooler to everyone because this cooler redefines your cooler experience.

    Get one for you as long as Yeti 65 for sale

    Yeti 65 for sale right now. Order one now from its 3 different colors before the stock runs out. I can surely bet all the colors are bound to attract your gaze. To know more about the colors, read below:

    Yeti 65 tundra: Desert Tan

    Coolers tend to get dirty easily as they are always used in outdoors. Considering such situations, Yeti added the color Desert Tan to its cooler line. Tan doesn’t easily get dirty and doesn’t attract the gaze of any unwanted trespasser. Even if any wild animal or any other trespasser tries to break in the cooler, they won’t be able to. This is because Yeti Tundra coolers are certified bear proof and have lock system for extra security.

    yeti 65 tundra for sale

    Yeti tundra 65: Ice Blue

    I am sure the moment you lay your eyes on the Ice Blue tundra cooler, you won’t be able like any other color. This color is a soothing vision to the eyes. In cold region, the ice blue color will mix in the surrounding colors and won’t attract any unwanted animals.

    Besides its beauty, the yeti 65 tundra coolers contain a BEAR-FOOT™ non-slip feet to ensure that the cooler doesn’t slip away and remain intact in place.

    yeti 65 for sale ice blue

    Yeti 65 tundra: White

    The Yeti 65 tundra cooler line would be incomplete without the color White. White is so attractive and so comforting, that you would want to buy it the second you see it. Beside its aesthetical beauty, the yeti 65 coolers are very much durable. The sturdy rotomolded construction made these tundra coolers virtually indestructible and can stand any kind of rigors of the nature.

    yeti 65 for sale

    Bottom line about Yeti 65 Cooler

    If you are looking for quality and durability in a backup freezer, then the Yeti 65 cooler is the perfect choice for you. Moreover, the Yeti 65 for sale and I’m sure after reading the full review, you have already decided to buy a yeti tundra cooler. But if you want to know more about Yeti 65 cooler, you can check Amazon customer reviews for this product.So, don’t be late bringing you yeti 65 at home and enjoy all the amazing features while you are out on your next camping.

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