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What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest

What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest? - is the first question when anyone decides to buy a cooler. There are many coolers with cool features on the market. But the main requirement is how long it can keep the items cool. The worst thing about a cooler is that when you find the items go bad and the ice melts away. To choose your best cooler, you need to know the details of some of the best coolers. Then compare them and take your desired one. Now go with your cooler to your hunting, fishing, camping and other trips.

Things of consideration before buying a cooler

To maximize the life of ice, the high-quality ice coolers have some features. Some features play biggest role in this case. So, to select the best cooler for keeping ice for the longest, go through these matters below:

Materials of the cooler

The best coolers are made of more denser and high-quality metal and plastics. These materials are very tough and do not contain any weak point to get out the cold air. Besides, the materials are capable of managing any bumps and rubs. Thus the ice maintaining capacity of the best coolers is great.

Ice melting also depends on the thickness of the materials of the coolers. The more the materials are thicker, the longer they keep the ice long-lasting.  The most long-lasting ice capacity coolers are two inches thick. The thickness of materials also makes the cooler heavier. But ice melting also depends on other matters. So, the only thickness cannot keep the ice long-lasting.


It is another important factor. The manufacturers of the top coolers follow the roto modeled construction. In this case, the cooler chest contains a simple plastic piece. It makes the cooler durable and keeps the ice for a long time.

Size of the cooler

This matter affects when you open the chest to a small cooler and a big cooler. When you open your little cooler to get something out from it, the cool air can easily come out from it. But in the case of a large cooler, opening the chest does not affect so much.

Quality of gasket

It is the base side that is for trapping the cold air inside the cooler. It is a very important part. The gasket is made of rubber which is high-quality and tight.

Hinge and Latch

The hinge and the latch are for keep tighten the lid. A loose latch is not good for the cooler. But a few years use, the latch will get loosen.

Other Features

Besides these features, there are some other small features of each cooler such as raised legs, slots for extra ice packs, etc. The combination of all these features plays an important effect of keeping the ice for a long time.

Some best coolers for keeping ice the longest

In the market, there are a lot of large and small coolers. Among them, you need to take the best one. The best cooler for keeping ice the longest is the target of every customer. To make your decision easy, I am going to discuss some best coolers.

ORCA Heavy Duty Cooler 40 quarts

It is a well-built product of ORCA. Orca is an American company which provides the best quality cooler for camping. They always try to bring something that customer wants. It can be your favorite cooler for your camping or summertime fun. The incredibly durable body, flexible handles make the cooler favorite for everyone. It is a little bit heavier but the flexible grip protects it from falling down. Besides, the cargo net side feature of this cooler allows you to put bottles, water and cutlery.

What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest

Excellent built from handles to hinges. It has the best capacity to keep the foods and beverages cold. The gasket of this cooler is the perfect one. The handles are comfortable to carry. However, when you come back from the camping or a trip, you will find some ices left inside it. So, it keeps the ices for a long time more than four days.

Yeti Tundra 45 Hard Cooler

You may know that Yeti is one of the best Cooler brands worldwide. They always see the needs of the customers and try to bring the products according to it. So, if you try any yeti product, it will not be the waste of your money. By the way, Yeti Tundra 45 quarts is a hard cooler suitable for hunting trip, fishing or weekend camping. The thick insulation, proper gripping, best durability make this cooler the amazing one. The strong lock gasket does not allow the cooler unwanted air to get into it. There is enough space for a person to carry all the necessary foods and beverages.

best cooler for keeping ice the longest yeti 45

Cordova Coolers Rotomolded with Extreme Ice Retention

Cordova Cooler is the best cooler two or three people. The denser and thinner foam inside the cooler make it thin and provide more space. This cooler comes in two colors. It is an American product. If you use this cooler for a time, you will be the fan of this cooler. If you keep some ice in it to test it, you will see that this product can keep the ice for at least five days. It is guaranteed. Besides, the handle of this cooler is made of aluminum. So, there is no chance to break down. However, the latches are made of rubber which is long lasting than plastic. This cooler has four sizes such as 28 quarts, 45 quarts, 86 quarts and 126 quarts.

 the best cooler for keeping ice the longest cordova

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 95 quart

It is another best cooler for keeping ice longest period of time. It is a high-end ice cooler with impressive cooling capacity. With its performance, it can beat the Yeti coolers. The ability to keep ice is 10 days of this cooler which is really amazing. The ruggedized handles make it easy and comfortable to carry. However, it is durable for your lifetime. You will find some color options for this product such as dark blue, marine white, OD green, outdoor tan and some others.

What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest

Grizzly Cooler 40 Quart

The authentic construction of Grizzly Cooler provides the lifetime warranty. It keeps the ice for the extremely long time. You can compare this cooler with some other coolers on the market and see that it is better than others. The design is good and you also find some other color options. It is made of molded plastic and there are no weak points to escape the cold air. We know the common weakness of the coolers is the latch system. When the latch gets lose, the cooler gets failed. The latch of this cooler is really fantastic. It can keep your ice for 7-10 days.

best cooler for longest keeping ice

Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler

The performance of Coleman 70 Quart Xtreme 5 Cooler is such kind of cooler that keeps ice for the longest time. The insulation test of this cooler says that it is an impressive cooler that keeps ice for 5 days. The design is also cool. There is a lot of room for your lot of cans. When you decide to go for a long camping or road trip, take a Coleman Xtreme 5 cooler beside you to enjoy the days.

What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest coleman 70

My Recommendation

All these coolers are really good for anyone. You can choose any one of these coolers.  But everyone wants the best cooler for keeping ice the longest. If you have a good amount of budget you can take Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler or Cordova Coolers Rotomolded Gray/White Cooler. But you can also choose the Yeti Tundra 45 Hard Cooler. It is only my recommendation. But the decision is yours.

What is the best cooler for keeping ice the longest is really hard question for the person who is new to buy a cooler. But if you read the reviews and details of some best ice coolers, you can easily you’re your decision. So, try to invest your money to buy an ice cooler that is appropriate for you.

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