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RTIC 65 Cooler for sale | RTIC 65 Cooler review

RTIC 65 Cooler For Sale | RTIC 65 Cooler Review

Don’t you want your drinks to stay chilled and foods fresh while you are out on camping or hiking or a fishing trip?How would you feel if you cannot sip into a bottle of icy cool drink while out on a hot summer day or after an exhausting hiking session? Tragic, right? Guess what? RTIC 65 Cooler for sale and this multifunctional cooler ends your concerns and worries about keeping foods and beverages cool and fresh. So, grab yours now.But, before buying the cooler, read below and understand why this is the best cooler available.

RTIC 65 coolers for sale

About the brand RTIC

The RTIC is one of the leading cooler brands available that is based in Houston, Texas.It is a business to consumer retailer that eliminates all the middle parties and sells goods directly to the consumers. Avoiding middle parties cuts cost and makes the goods less pricey.

The RTIC manufactures excellent quality drink ware and coolers with both Hard-sided and Soft-sided designs. One of the coolers produced by the company is the 65 cooler which has high ice retention and great insulation. This cooler comes in different sizes and colors, but here I am reviewing the 65 sized cooler.

RTIC 65 Cooler for Sale & its Overview

The RTIC 65  is a great backup freezer for you while you go for outing or traveling. RTIC invested an enormous amount of effort to add as many functions and features as they can to give its users the best value for their money. It is loaded with many awesome features that will surely make you buy this cooler immediately.

Like all the coolers from RTIC, It also has rotomolded construction and premium insulation to keep things cool for a longer period of time. There is also a locking system and secured T-latches added to the cooler to keep the lid shut so that no air can get in or get out.

Though the 65 cooler is designed to be large, it is easily portable. You can carry it around for summer camping, offshore fishing, hunting trips etc. without any inconvenience.

Features of RTIC 65 Cooler

RTIC 65 Cooler for sale is a great opportunity to grabthe best all-in-one cooler for your outing. Its features make it a must-buy backup refrigerator.

Here, I have discussed some of the major features which make this cooler unique and helped it to stand amongst its competitors.

Roto molding

Great insulation is a sign of a great cooler. The better the insulation, the longer the ice will remain as ice. For this very reason, RTIC included roto molding method to its 65 Cooler. Roto molding products have a uniformly thick wall and consist of seamless plastic parts which provide efficient insulation throughout the cooler.

Aside from insulation, Roto molding also contributes to extended durability by allowing the handles to be placed on the body of the cooler.

RTIC 65 cooler for sale

Includes pressure injected foam

Another feature that ensures adequate insulation is the pressure injected foam inside the uniformly thick walls of the cooler. These are commercial grade polyurethane foam which adds strength to the cooler’s structure as well as assures ultimate insulation.

Freezer Grade Gasket

A cooler is ineffective if it can’t hold the cold air in and keep hot air out of its body.A rotomolded, foam inserted cooler can still leak cold air outside through its lid. For this reason, RTIC added a thick, freezer grade gasket to this cooler to seal the lid completely and avoid cold air leakage and hot air entrance.

rtic 65 cooler review

Contains T-latches

To avoid ineffectiveness, RTIC added heavy-duty and intelligently designed silicon made rugged T-latches to this cooler.The latches are easy to grip and locks into place to keep the cooler securely shut.

Pros and Benefits of RTIC 65:

We have listed a number of benefits you will enjoy while using this cooler:

  • The RTIC 65  has a very thick insulation system compared to other coolers.
  • Keeps ice intact for several days, even under the hot blazing sun.
  • This cooler is rugged and is very much resistant to damage. Therefore, you can use it in unfavorable conditions also.
  • Includes a drainage system with a plug to drain out unwanted water.
  • The cooler from RTIC is very much durable; it lasts for some good period of time.
  • RTIC offers a great price range for this cooler compared to its competitors.


Aside from all the benefits, there are some minor drawbacks of this RTIC Cooler:

  • This cooler is quite heavy to carry and doesn’t come with tie straps.
  • It closes so securely that sometimes it hard to open the lid.

As I have mentioned earlier, the RTIC 65  is available in 2 different colors. Both 65 cooler for sale and you can buy any of them according to your preferences.

Read below to find out more about the different color options.

RTIC 65 Cooler: Color - White

The RTIC 65 cooler in white is a vision for your eyes. It is so beautiful and soothing that you would want to buy it the second you lay your eyes on this cooler. Additional to its beauty, the cooler is also very much effective in keeping your drinks cold and fresh; just as you want them to be. The rotomolded body with foam inserts keeps away hot air from your freezer and retains ice for as good as 10 days.

RTIC 65 Cooler

Color - Tan

People buy a cooler especially for outdoor activities, like, hiking, fishing or camping. Keeping that in mind, RTIC offers a Tan cooler because this color doesn’t get easily filthy and rarely attracts sight of any wild animals. Even if it gets attacked by any animal, there won’t be much damage because RTIC made this cooler bear proof.  Besides, there is also a security lock system added to the cooler for added safety.

rtic 65 cooler for sale

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for size, quality, and performance, all in one, then RTIC 65 cooler is the best option for you. And the best part is, you will get the RTIC 65 cooler for sale right now onAmazon. It provides premium quality insulation and many other amazing features that are present in expensive coolers. In a word, this cooler offers a great value for your money. So grab yours now.

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