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We hereby published our privacy policy containing all terms and conditions. If you are our user then you are welcome to share any good ideas and if u have any question about our privacy so please don't hesitate to contact us by click here.

Information collection

Let us declare one thing that there isn’t create any key which may asked you anything about your personal information but by your subscription we may share with you our new offers, update information and our present public status also.

Utilization of your Information       

We will store your every feedback as information for improving website’s quality because your feedback is your demand to us. Selling your information is completely prohibited for us.

Security Protection system  

When you subscribe to our news letter and trying to contract with us by using the submit form some of your detail are preserved, but don’t get worry at all, we have arranged a series of security measure to secure your all detail.


We use cookies to see which visitor read which page and which page they read for less time. This is help us to improve our service for our visitor.

Disclose information to other party

Your all information is very precious for us. We do not disclose any detail of our customer to the third parties and we try to maintain it strongly. We use advertisement but it not carries any kind of customer’s information.

Privacy policy for online

This privacy policy implemented only for our online service. We do not use it for offline activities.


We are only the introducer of product’s brands, names, logos for our business identification purpose. Copyright of these products is completely the property of the respective owner. Definitely we have the authenticity to maintain the goodwill of service, product, and brands on behalf of the owner company.


When you use our site, we will assume that you agree with all our conditions and also are convinced in our Privacy Policy.                      

Changes of privacy policy

You will be definitely notified by us for the changes of our privacy policy and the update will be posted with correct version on date.