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Pelican Cooler vs Yeti Cooler | tough decision

Well, it wouldn’t be this tough if you knew what makes a cooler best suitable for its job. Since you are reading this article, most likely you don’t know about the key aspects of coolers that makes the best. But fear not,we are on your rescue.Today in this article, we are about to discuss the individual aspect to evaluate a good cooler, then we will decide which one wins the game of Pelican Cooler vs Yeti. Hold your eyes to know which one overpowers the other.

pelican cooler vs yeti

Pelican Cooler vs Yeti Cooler, Face to Face comparison

We are going to evaluate Yeti and Pelican coolers on the basis of ice retention, insulation, price, design, capacity, size, handles, latches, bear-proofing, color variation, and durability. The cooler, which gets maximum win in those categories, wins today face off.

Ice Retention

Ice retention is the most important part of an Ice chest. So, we want to start with the one thing that affects the performance of a cooler the most.

One thing you should know that both Yeti and Pelican are roto-molded. Because of that, Yeti and Pelican coolers are more expensive than any other regular cooler.

Now about the ice retention, we tested both Yeti and Pelican for finding out which one performs better in toughest situation. We picked Pelican 55 Qt Cooler and Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler (approximately 57 quarts) for this face off. After filling the coolers to its maximum capacity, we placed them in a place where sun easily reaches out.

yeti ice retention

The cans stayed chilled for 7 days 6 hours in Pelican cooler and 7 days 4 hours in Yeti cooler, which is very close to similar. But we have to give the shout out to Pelican coolers.


It’s not only the ice retention where Pelican excels. The Insulation is also slightly thicker than Yeti coolers.

Where Yeti has approximately 2.5 inches of insulation in the lids and 2 inches in the walls, Pelican Coolers have only a half inches more than Yeti in every part. Maybe this is the reason why Pelican cooler is better at performance by the edge.

This means back to back victory for Pelican in the duel of Pelican cooler vs Yeti cooler.

insulation pelican vs yeti cooler



No one likes to spend extra money on something that they can get with a lower price.So price can be a good issue to shift to Yeti form Pelican or Pelican from Yeti.

If you look at the numbers on their website, you’ll see that Pelican coolers are shockingly $40-$50 less than Yeti cooler with similar size and capacity.


Unlike insulation and ice retention, the difference in their initial design is extremely hard to miss. Where Yeti coolers are simple, sophisticated, straightforward designed, Pelican coolers are somewhat opposite.

If you see a Yeti cooler, you’ll feel the smooth surface and the curves around the body. Although Yeti coolers are not designed to highlight their appearance among other coolers, its glossy surface is extremely eye soothing for people who like simple and straight.

But when it comes to Pelican coolers, Yeti coolers are just simple cover surrounding the insulation.

Pelican coolers are robust both in work and from outside appearance. It’s more edgy and masculine look is a plus point for me because they actually look cool. I would definitely love to hold an ice chest with colorful yet robust looking edges, giving me a masculine feel.

Some might prefer Yeti’s simple and plain look and I’m no one to deny that simple looks good. So the best way we can end this round is by saying, Yeti coolers are sophisticated and Pelican coolers are cool.

pelican vs yeti cover

Capacity and Size

Time to break the Jinx. Finally, something to bring Yeti in the race for Pelican cooler vs Yeti cooler.

You will see yeti cooler starting from 20 Quarts up to 400 Quarts with the model name 420. Their variation is much greater than Pelican coolers with highest 250 quarts of capacity.

One thing to remember though, Yeti cooler model names do not represent actual capacity instead a number to misguide the customers.
 Anyway, thumbs up to Yeti coolers for the win in this category.

Rotomolded Construction for Durability

One impressive thing about both Pelican and Yeti coolers is their Durability or integrity due to uni-body rotomolded construction.

Uni-body rotomolded construction means that whole cooler was built with one piece of rotomolded plastic so that the cooler can take a big hit from a speeding truck or survive attacks from wild animals especially bear.

So no losers here.


Pelican coolers firmly take the win from Yeti in terms of the latches.  Where pelican latches are pulled and push type, Yeti uses pull-down rubber latches that wear off overtime.

Besides, the latches of Pelican are quite unique as you won’t see them in many coolers. Along with the uniqueness and durability, Pelican latches are also extremely easy to use.

Once you start hearing the clicks of Pelican latches, nothing else can make you fall in love again. So clear thumbs up to Pelican Coolers.

pelican cooler latches


Pelican Handle are pull up type handles so that you don’t need to lean down too much to pick up the cooler. They are strong durable and comfortable to carry around even if they are full.

On the Other hand, Yeti coolers have nylon rope handle with a rubber grip which is comfortable to carry but they are not much durable. Besides, they sway a bit when you carry the cooler with foods and drinks filled. This is a disadvantage if you are going to a hike or camp where you need to carry the cooler for a long time.

Bear Proofing

Although both Yeti and Pelican coolers are certified bear proof, people will trust Pelican with real bears than Yeti. It’s because of the rubber latches that can be cut with bear’s teeth.

Where Pelican can be bear proof even without any locks, Yeti is not fully capable of stopping a bear from opening up the lid. So Pelican still holds the lead for Pelican cooler vs Yeti cooler race.

Color Variation

Yeti might have the upper hand with the variation of sizes, it is nowhere near to Pelican in terms of color variations.

Where Yeti coolers have only a few colors including three common colors; white, desert tan and ice blue, Pelican is packed with more than 15 colors for different coolers. No way can you miss your favorite color.

different color for pelican cooler
different yeti cooler color

Kudos to Yeti Coolers

No surprise here.

Pelican coolers are way superior to yeti in most of the cases including, insulation, ice retention, color variety, handles, latches, etc. Although Yeti has the upper hand in terms of variation in Size and capacity and somewhat equivalency of durability, Pelican wins this debate of pelican cooler vs Yeti with its amazing performance in the actual ice safe-keeping.

Bottle Line

Despite the fact we declared Pelican coolers’ supremacy over Yeti, it doesn’t mean Yeti coolers are useless or not good as a matter of fact. Actually, Yeti coolers can be helpful if you are looking for a huge cooler with 400 Quarts of capacity for your next family trip. Otherwise, Pelican still wins the race for Pelican cooler vs Yeti cooler.

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