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ORCA vs Yeti – Which one is worth your money?

ORCA and Yeti, two of the most popular cooler brands around,causing the age-old dilemma. ORCA vs Yeti, which one is worth your money?

orca vs yeti

To give you the answer, today, we are analyzing each and every aspect of a cooler that makes it great and comparing one with another. By the time you finish going through, you’ll know exactly which one is the ultimate cooling solution for your household and outdoor applications. So bear with us.

Ice Retention: ORCA vs Yeti

Regular coolers usually keep your ice as it is for1-day, highest. But Yeti is not like any regular brand. They are renowned for their ice retention capability. Unlike other coolers, it can keep the ice in its shape for more than 5 days. Impressive, right?

yeti cooler ice retention

You will be more surprised to know how long Orca can restrain the ice from melting down. Almost 6 days in warm weather and in cold atmosphere, it can keep the ice frozen for more than 7-8 days. Comparing with other coolers in the market, this is insane. So, for ice retention, Orca is the clear winner.

Insulation: Who has the upper hand?

Insulation carries a great significance to a cooler’s quality. If the insulation is better, the cooler will work more efficiently and these two amazing cooler brands know it well. That’s why they packed thick walls and lids for maximum ice retention.

insulation orca vs yeti

Yeti coolers like Yeti tundra 65 comes with a thick 3-inch side wall and around 2-inch insulation in the lid. If you think that’s impressive, wait until I tell you about Orca coolers.

Coolers like Orca 40 qt cooler and almost every other cooler from their workshop get a full 3-inch wide insulation on the whole body. That means orca is giving you one-inch extra insulation int he lid where yeti gives you only 2-inch in total for their lids.

But the best thing is that the additional 1-inch thick insulation on the lid doesn’t affect the weight too much. Orca coolers are roughly 1-2 pounds heavier than any Yeti cooler of similar size and capacity, which is not something that someone would mind. If having more insulation thus better ice retention comes with the consequences of slightly heavier product, then it’s worth facing. 

Thumbs up to Orca. It’s is the winner for this category.

Color and Range: Which one is more versatile?

With 13 different sizes of coolers, Yeti won’t let Orca keep the winning streak. Where Orca comes in 6 different sizes and capacity starting from 20 to up to 140 quarts, Yeti steals the supremacy with their gigantic cooler with almost 300 quarts capacity in Yeti 350 cooler.

yeti cooler color

It’s also true that Yeti’s high volume cooler is quite bulky but someone might just need the bulky cooler who won’t mind the size rather he only cares about the space.

Their versatility doesn’t end with different sizes. They have some amazing colors to mesmerize you.

orca different color

Primarily, Orca uses 4 colors for their coolers. Green, Pink,Tan, and White, with few additional colors and graphical designs, offered when you buy from Amazon.

Although Yeti has only three colors in their coolers, the basic white, ice blue, and desert tan colors are extremely eye soothing. Their colors more graceful where Orca has some vibrant colors.

So the lead goes to Yeti coolers in this Orca vs Yeti run.

Structure & Designs: What are the differences?

Generally, similar products from different brands tend to bring uniqueness to their respective product. This is to ensure that the other product from a different company is never mistaken with one of theirs.

But in terms of designs and physical structure, both Yeti and Orca is pretty identical. Except Orca's recessed handle and the logos, it's not a surprise that people can assume one's product with another's very often, at least form a distance.

orca vs yeti design

So how do we decide the winner in this case? Let's talk about the construction.

It's already mentioned that Orca has slightly thick walls, especially on the lid. So, in terms of efficiency and durability of the structure, Orca wins the bet.

Accessories: What comes with the coolers?

Accessories are important for cooler because those accessories might save you some cash and space in your truck. For example, beverage holders, board divider, Pouch, Beer openers and even a fishing rod holder along with other accessories. If you didn't get them with your cooler, you had to buy them separately with a higher price. Besides, each product would need a separate carrier and that will definitely eat some space in your car or whatever you are carrying with.

So, it's settled then. Yeti has some cool and practical accessories with them and you are going to buying them, right?

Before you plan to buy Yeti cooler purely based on their wide range of accessories, you better hear us first.

Despite all these accessories, Yeti still loses the round. Why? Because Orca has so many accessories that every other brand in the market cannot compete with Orca even if they combine all their accessories.

Orca has some of the most practical accessories to help you, which keeps them ahead in the Orca vs Yeti race. You can buy a molle wrap from them that goes all around the cooler and you can hold thebottle, cans, mobile, and much more. They also have a hybrid solar pack theta has built-in LEDs and rechargeable batteries. You can charge your mobile with that when you are camping out in the woods.

Manufacturing & Warranty: Quality for price?

Yeti coolers are mostly made in their factory in Philippines with exception of manually ordered coolers. You can ask for a USA made cooler from their site. But they will charge few bucks extra. 

But if you want 100% made-in-USA product, Orca is for you. Not only they manufacture the products in the USA but they also use the base materials from there, unlike other companies who get the materials from other countries and assemble them in America.

So, if you are a USA product fanatic, Orca is what you should go for.

Warranty: For all parts or the structure?

I wish I could say something good about Yeti here. But I can't. They are offering only 5 years of warranty for the body only. Not for the handles and other things that come with that.

On the other hand, Orca is offering afull lifetime warranty for the body and everything that comes with it. That means, if anything breaks or misplaced, you are getting them for free. So, now you got another reason to enjoy your outdoor trips without worrying about the cooler itself.

Again, Orca got the upper hand.

Kudos to ORCA

If you are not keeping tracks of their wins, allow me to remind you. It’s 6 wins against 1 win. Clearly, Orca beat Yeti on every scale except for the capacity of coolers. So it pretty obvious that I’d suggest Orca coolers over Yeti. They have some great products that keep ice for a long time, gives you supreme durability, additional insulation, a wide range of variety, multi functional accessories, and a lifetime warranty. Besides, Orca coolers are cheaper from Yeti by $10-$15. So don’t wait. Read our ORCA Cooler 40 Review and other reviews on leading products from Orca and start preparing for the trip.

Yeti Coolers are flop? Don’t think so

Although we came to a conclusion that Orca is indeed better in most of the aspect but that doesn’t mean no one will buy Yeti coolers. Orca might be the best in all aspects but when it comes to capacity, Yeti is second to none. So if you are someone who usually goes with a big group or outing, you can consider cooler from Yeti. And for your information, Yeti Hopper 40 Sale is happening right now. So don’t hesitate to buy if you need the bigger ones.

Bottom Line

No matter what you say, the initial decision has to be yours. After considering the price and the features we described here in this Orca vs Yeti discussion, you should be the one to decide which one is best suitable for your need and worth your money.

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