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ORCA 40 qt Cooler Review | See Before Buying

No denying the fact that there are a variety of coolers available in the market to choose from, available within a great price range. But how many of them would satisfy you to the core?Only a few and if you still can’t decide which one to buy as a backup freezer/ outdoor-kitchen accessory, this Orca 40 qt Cooler review is a perfect analysis for you.With a variety of useful and efficient features, this one is a top-notch deal for you and your needs.

Orca 40 qt cooler review

About Orca 40 qt Cooler

ORCA stands for Outdoor Recreation Company of America is a USA based company which uses only USA made components to manufacture its coolers.

Orca coolers were designed by two outdoors men who were tired of spending money on “not-so-active” coolers. So they decided to design a cooler which will provide top-notch service, and also will be affordable at the same time. This is where ORCA 40 qt Cooler comes in.

Orca 40 qt Cooler full Review

Orca tried to load as many useful features as possible to its coolers. It offers a wide range of sizes and colors to fit your taste and need. The Orca 40 quart Cooler that I am reviewing today is the ideal size for any outdoor activity as it can hold a decent amount of drinks and beverages and it’s easily portable.

All the Orca coolers are made from durable rotomolded materials. This material doesn’t only provide great insulation but also makes the cooler bear and hazard-proof.  The insulation technology used in these coolers retains cold and freshness for a maximum time period of 10 days.

Besides, Orca inserted custom whale tail latches and lid gasket to keep the lid securely shut and prevent air flow.

All the coolers from Orca are made for long time extensive use and are backed by lifetime warranty.

orca 40 qt cooler sale

Features of Orca 40 qt Cooler

As I have stated earlier, the Orca 40 qt Cooler is packed with some cool and amazing features which makes it the top choice for many cooler buyers, and I am sure, after reading the Orca 40 qt  features, it will be your top choice as well.

Made with Rotomolded material

Orca used premium quality rotomolding for the construction of its coolers because rotomolded materials create a durable and robust ice chest and provide superior insulation. Super insulation is an indication of a great cooler. The better the insulation, the longer the ice will remain intact and cold.

Moreover, rotomolded materials are very much durable and virtually indestructible. This indestructible character makes the cooler bear proof as well as any other hazard-proof.

Integrated insulation technology

As I have mentioned earlier, great insulation is the ultimate sign of a great cooler. Keeping this in mind, Orca inserted integrated insulation technology to its coolers, so that the coolers can provide maximum ice retention and keep your drinks and foods fresh and cold. It is tested and proven that Orca coolers can retain ice and cold for 10 days, thanks to its excellent insulation technology.

Contains Lid Gasket

If a cooler is not perfectly sealed, air can pass in and out causing the ice to melt and resulting in an inactive cooler. To avoid such situation, a lid gasket is added in all the Orca coolers which ensures an excellent seal. This gasket prevents cold air to escape and hot air to enter the cooler.

orca 40 qt cooler

Extendable Flex- Grip Handles

People mostly use cooler or backup freezers for outdoor activities. That’s why it is very much important that the cooler has easy portability. Orca 40 qt coolers contain handles with extendable flex grips to deliver comfortable portability to its users. The handles allow easy yet firm, non-slip grips to make transportation much easier.

orca 40 qt for sale and review

Benefits of Orca 40 quart Coolers

  • The Orca 40 qt cooler is slightly longer in height compared to its rivals in the market. Longer height gives more storage space.
  • The insulation of the 40 qt cooler is superior in a word. It holds ice and cold for maximum 10 days even in harsh conditions.
  • Orca included a draining system to the side of the cooler to make drainage of wanted water easier.
  • These coolers are available in a wide variety of colors.
  • Orca coolers are known for their extensive durability.
  • Negatives of Orca 40 quart Coolers

    Along with amazing benefits, the Orca 40 qt Coolers also possesses some drawbacks:

    • The lid doesn’t stay open on its own. It closes automatically. Therefore, you have to open the lid every time you want something from the cooler.

    Like most of the coolers out there, Orca 40 qt is also available in several different colors, white, Tan, Green, Black and White with different graphics lids. All the colors are gorgeous and would surely catch your attention. Read below my orca 40 of different colors to know more:

    Color: White

    White is always soothing to the eyes. The Orca 40 qt cooler in white is a vision to the eyes. Besides its physical attractiveness, this cooler is also very active in ice retention and freshness restoration.

    Orca 40 qt cooler review

    Color : White with graphic lids

    To make the white color cooler more interesting, Orca added some graphically designed lids to the coolers. These lids provide visual interest as well as securely lock the coolers preventing air loss.

    orca 40 qt cooler white lid

    Color: Tan

    The tan Orca 40 qt cooler is perfect for outdoor activities as it doesn’t get dirty easily and is very much portable due to its addition of flexible grip handles.

    orca 40 wt cooler tan

    Color : Green

    Orca included green color to its 40-quart coolers because green delivers camouflage effect. This won’t catch any wild animals’ attention easily, though the coolers are bear proof.

    orca 40 qt cooler sale

    Color : Black

    For everyone who doesn’t like the any of the colors above, orca added a black color cooler for them. The black color doesn’t only seem hard; it is actually much durable because of the rotomolded construction which made it quite indestructible.

    orca 40 qt cooler review

    Bottom Line

    I can only hope that after reading my Orca 40 qt cooler review thoroughly, you have decided to buy this cooler and if you are still hesitant, then let me assure you, the Orca 40  is the ultimate cooler you were always searching for. It provides excellent services and delivers the total value of your money.

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