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How to keep food cold while traveling

When you go for a long travel or camping, the common question can occur in your mind that how to keep food cold while traveling. Keeping your food and beverages cool is an important matter of traveling for a long time. There are some foods that need the low temperature to keep them healthy or they can get rotten. So, you should take some preparation to keep your food cold and healthy. However, you can keep your food cold by carrying a cooler with you or by some ice packs, containers or freezer bags.

Some tips to keep food cold while traveling

There are some ways to keep your food cold while traveling. You can try any of them that is preferable to you.

Try with cooler 

I think the best way to keep your food cold during any trip is a cooler. When you go out with your family for a long travel or camping, you need to carry some foods and cans with you. But to enjoy the fresh foods, you need to keep them cool. In this case, you can try a cooler. There are some portable coolers on the market within the reasonable prices. If you go with 5-6 family members, you need a big one. In this case you can use Yeti Tundra 35 cooler to keep your foods and cans cold. It will allow you to keep your food fresh for 5-6 days. So, it is a good cooler for a long travel with all the family members. Or if you are traveling single and want to carry your foods with you, you can choose Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler. It is a best portable cooler that is very comfortable to carry on shoulders. you can also choose for single travelling Igloo Iceless Thermoelectric cooler it is also best for travelling. 

how to keep food cold while travelling

Igloo iceless thermoelectric cooler

Keeps food cold with ice cubes and packs

To keep your food cold properly in a cooler or container or a waterproof bag, you need some ice chunks. It is better to use both large and small chunks. We know the large piece of ice takes more time to melt. But when you use the combination of small and large pieces, it will make a balance and keep your food a long time fresh. Before going outside, you can make some water bottle frozen and can keep them in your cooler or bag.  It is easy to get simple ice cubes. But you can use some frozen things as the large chunks. Use the better plastic bottles and fill them with water. Then make the bottles frozen. Keep the frozen bottles inside your cooler.

Try a container to keep food cold while travelling

You can use a big container to carry your food and keep them cool. But the container is needed to be waterproof. Now fill your container one-third with ice. Here, you can also use the freezing water bottles. Besides, you can cold the cans before you carry them in the container. By this, they will be cold for more time. However, some foods can be frozen before your travel in the home refrigerator. Besides, you can keep some loose ice in other ice bags. You can use this ice later for a drink because the ice in the container will get contaminated.  In the container, put the heavy foods on the bottom side and then put the light items.

Don’t drain the melted water

When the ice of your cooler or container gets melted, do not drain it. It will replace the temperature and your food will get hot soon. Besides, keep all the frozen items in the touch of the ice. It will keep the cooler or container cold for a long time.

Use dry ice to keep food cold in travelling

You can use dry ice to keep your food cold. It is another better idea. But while using dry ice, you need to concern more. Use airtight container and keep some dry ice on the bottom side. Then keep the cans and beverages. Be careful that your foods do not get direct touch with dry ice.  Then keep some dry ice packs on the top side. When you open the container to take food, wear hand gloves. Do not touch dry ice directly because it can harm your skin.

It is less difficult to answer now how to keep food cold while traveling. If you use a better cooler, you can easily keep your food cold for a long time even for some days. Besides, follow some tips to maintain the foods to keep them fresh for a couple of hours. So, before a long travel or camping for some days, take preparation and follow the above ideas to keep your foods cold and fresh.

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