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How to keep food cold when camping

How to keep food cold when camping

If you are planning for a road trip or camp but worried about your foods being wasted, you are in the right place to find out how to keep food cold when camping. The best solution for this is to buy an efficient cooler and yeti cooler 45 quart is one of the best in the market.

Camping is quite a fun time or a good mode to spend a nice time with family or friends. The little chit-chat over those ham & cheese sandwiches is just incredible. However, the same chit-chat will become a noise if you find out that your favourite food, which you packed with your heart & soul, is mildly stinking or rotten. Or maybe that your chocolates are not in the same shape!

how to keep food cold when camping

But keeping the food safe from getting spoiled in case of picnic or camping is difficult. After all, you cannot bring your refrigerator with you. Well, carrying a fridge is certainly not possible but you can always invest in a small cooler? So, here are some experts tip on how to keep food cold when camping:-

  • 1.Make some room for mini cooler to keep food cold

  • One of the most important ways to keep your food fresh is to keep it away from heat and you can do so by keeping the food in a proper storage container such as a cooler. It’s something which comes at a peerless price, is easy to carry and will keep the food cool throughout the trip.

    If you are wondering which one to go for, then read this article best size Yeti cooler for camping.

  • 2.Ice up your Yeti cooler 

  • If it’s not only about the eatables but also your beverages as well then this mini cooler will come in handy. Simply, fill it with the ice and your beverages are good to go.

    Remember, without ice, the cooler will keep your food insulated. But if you use ice, the foods will be chilled the entire time. It will act as a freezer.

  • 3.Improvise the ice to keep food cold when camping

  • If you are thinking about the ice melting down too early, then you can increase ice retention time with a pinch of improvisation. Best way to use ice is in the form of frozen water bottles. They can be effortlessly used as ice packs in the cooler.

    You can also do the same with zip lock bags i.e. put the water in them and freeze but the bottle will give dual benefit. One is, of course, it will act like ice and another is you can drink the water once the ice gets melt!

  • 4.Find the best place for cooler

  • Keep the cooler in some place dark or under the shade. You can keep it in the trunk of the car, in a tent or under the shed. However, good quality cooler, such as yeti 45 or yeti 65, will ensure you get the best outcome but you mustn’t let it expose to the sun’s rays. So, to keep your food safe, make sure you are keeping the cooler away from sun rays.

  • 5.Some free advice to keep food cold when camping

  • This advice is just for the additional benefit or to be double safe. Keep the food in a zip-lock pouch and then put it in the cooler. You will have a meal like never before, fresh and odorless.

    So, what are you waiting for? Just go out and have the best camping experience with your friends and family. To know more about yeti coolers, check out our detailed and expanded best size Yeti cooler for camping.

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