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How much dry ice do i need for a cooler

How much dry ice do i need for a cooler ?

Are you heading to the beach or the lake or camping for this memorial weekend? You’re probably going to have to pack your cooler. Obviously, there is no better way to keep your drinks and foods fresh and frozen than with a dry ice. And now you’re thinking, “how much dry ice do I need for a cooler?” Read on as we are here to tell you how much!

Unlike the traditional ice cubes which are made of the good old day’s frozen water, dry ice is made of gas! In particular, it is made up of card ice- a solid version of carbon dioxide. Dry ice in solid form is significantly colder than ice and sublimes at a temperature of -109.3 F. this actually means is that dry ice could actually get items colder than the ordinary ice can. Also, it can potentially survive in a highly-insulated  environment for a long time. 

How much dry ice do i need for a cooler

How can i use dry ice?

If you’ve finally decided to give the dry ice a try, there are certain crucial steps you must take to make the most out of your dry ice. To keep your things cold with the dry ice, you have two great options. 

  • First is to position the dry ice at the bottom of your cooler, cover with a towel or a
    piece of cardboard that has a hole.
  • Second is to place your things inside first, fill any voids or space using a towel or newspaper. And then cover them using a piece of cardboard or a towel with holes. Then on top of that, add your dry ice. However, the closest item to the dry ice may likely freeze first. If you have items you’ll want frozen, kindly place the items in the cooler and directly place the dry ice on top of them.

Remember; do not shut air-tight the lid of your cooler. Loosen them a bit so the dry ice could sublimate, or turn from a solid state into gas. Also, make sure you handle the dry air safely by using a towel or wearing gloves.

How much dry ice do i need for cooler?

There is no general answer to this. Numerous variables come into play such as the insulation ability and size of the cooler, outside temperature, amount of stuff in the cooler, and lots more. However, typically, 40 to 60-quart cooler can handle up to 10 pounds of dry ice in a day. You may really need a few trial runs before you get the idea of how much dry ice really suits your particular scenario. Generally, we’d recommend that you overshoot a bit because it is better to have too much than not enough. 

To keep or ship a properly frozen ice cream, we’ll recommend 1 lb for a maximum of 2 hours, around 7-10 lbs for 24 hours, and 10-12 lbs for over 48 hours. This amount of dry ice will keep a 15 quarts container frozen. 

Shipping time

  • Overnight service is the best option to ship items. If the item is properly packed (2-inch thick container well packed with towel or newspaper and around 15+ pounds of an item) you wouldn’t need much dry ice. If you’re planning to ship less than 5 pounds of items, make sure you ship overnight, using 5 lbs of dry ice. 
  • Two-day service: Items like meat could travel best if properly vacuum sealed and well frozen (around -10 F). The higher the amount of meat, the less the amount of ice you’ll need- Thanks to its cold thermal mass. With this, larger amounts of meats will ship better than the small amounts which mean you should go for at least 5 to 10 pounds.
  • Three-day service: We do not recommend this. Unless the average temperature outside is less than the freezing from both where the item  is shipped from to its shipping destination. 

What are the best dry ice coolers?

While searching for “how much dry ice do I need for a cooler,” you should also get conscious of the cooler you’re using. There are numerous brands of dry ice coolers on the market. They all boast of its ability to be used with dry ice. Some of the best brand

includes yeti cooler 65 quart , 35 quart , 45 quart and lots more. 

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