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Homitt 30 cans soft pack cooler why you need it?

Whether it’s camping at night or a long hike day, what’s better way to carry your cold beverages and fresh foods in a dashing looking cooler bag? But it’s hard to get a cooler with efficiency and looks in a single cooler. So we brought Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler review to give you the ultimate cooler that you were looking for this entire time.

Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler

Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler, making your life easy

On hot summer day, hiking or camping can be an exciting thing to do until you are tired and need a quick refreshment break. How will you feel if you can’t take a sip of chilled beverage and some fresh fruits? Your craving for refreshing break won’t be satisfied.

enjoy with homitt 30 cans soft pack cooler

Again, what if your freezer dysfunctions and it needs to be carried out to a maintenance shop but you don’t have another freezer for storing the foods and beverages? They will be a complete waste and you wouldn’t want that, right?

homitt soft pack cooler 30

Whether you go outdoor for some quality time or need an instant solution for an emergency, a cooler bag can get you through these tough situation at any time. Especially, if you have the Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler, your life will be much easier than before.

homitt 30 soft pack cooler uses

You won’t have to worry about your foods being wasted when your freezer malfunctions or you can take refreshment break and drink your favorite beverage in a hot day in savanna without worrying about the drinks being warm. Thanks to the Homitt 30 cooler, you are free from worries.

Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler Review

This amazing cooler is packed with some useful features and high-quality construction. Here in this Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler review, we are going to discuss some of the most useful features, benefits, and as well as the cons. Stick with us to know everything about the Homitt 30 cooler.

Features of Homitt Soft Pack Cooler 30

  • 1.Superior Insulation:

  • TPU - Thermoplastic Polyether Urethanes: 420D TPU Interior & 840D TPU Exterior

    Homitt soft pack cooler 30 is equipped with three layers of leak-proof Thermoplastic Polyether Urethanes. On the interior, Homitt used 420D TPU Urethane's and for the exterior, they used 820D TPU. There is a dense layer of closed-cell foam, which helps to increase the insulation of the cooler bag. 

    High-Density Foam

    High-density closed-cell foams in Homitt 30 cooler gives it superior insulation. They are stacked between 420D TPU interior and 840D TPU exterior. This thick insulator foam will make sure that temperature cannot pass through them. This way, outer heat cannot enter the cooler and the foods or beverages stay chilled for a long time.

    Closed cells in the foam lock cool air inside so that your drink and foods are chilled all the time.

    Zipper and Liner

    The two-inch thick foam is equipped with heavy duty liner so that it never leak or sweat. Besides, the airtight zipper doesn’t allow cool air to come out of the cooler bag or let the hot air enter. So, there is no chance of hot air to go inside make the food defrost or warm.

    2.Compact Size and Capacity

    Despite its small dimension of 18.9- inch x 11- inch x 14.2- inch, the cooler bag is extremely mobile and takes only a small space in your trunk or your backseat. But that doesn’t mean it can’t hold all your beverage and foods.

    The cooler bag is enough to contain up to 30 cans which is sufficient for a family outing. Along with its compact size, it has enough space to carry 35 pounds of ice inside it.

    3.Easy Carry

    Homitt added both side handles and shoulder straps to make it easier for you to carry.

    You can pick it up in your hand with the side handles on both sides. These handles are attached properly and they won’t come out even if you shake them while carrying.

    But if you don’t want to carry in on your hand, or you have too many things to carry in hand, you can put on the shoulder straps. They are comfortable and hassle-free.

    carry homitt soft pack cooler 30
  • 4.Water Resistant and Sweat free

  • Although the exterior is extremely durable, its functionality doesn’t end there. The outer wall is waterproof and it doesn’t let the interior walls to get wet. In this case, liners help to resist water from getting inside.Besides, the liner is antimicrobial and it resists mildew or mold.

    5.Food Grade Thermoplastic Polyether Urethanes

    The Thermoplastic Polyether Urethanes are Food Grade labeled and they are BPA free. You can rely on the non-toxic material with your foods and beverages.

  • 6.Supreme Ice Retention

  • The most important thing about a cooler is its ice retention and in this category, Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler is a pioneer. With its three layers of insulation, it can keep your drinks and food up to five days, which is way more than any other regular coolers.

    7.Decent Look

    Although there is no variety of color for this cooler its single gray color leaves a good impression on whoever is looking at it. Neither too fancy nor complete straight forward, this cooler has a decent appearance to charm anyone at any place.

  • 8.Durability

  • Durability is an importaspect of any tools or equipment. The more durable it is, more you can rely on the product, which is why the durability plays an important role in the evaluations of any product.

    Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler Review

    Along with the sturdy walls, three-layer of insulation also increases its durability to an extent. After drop testing and checking the exteriors carefully, we can say with confidence that the cooler will last very long. If you don’t want to take our words for granted, you can check out Amazon customer’s reviews on Homitt 30 cans Cooler.

    Pros of Homitt 30  Cooler

    Here are the key features and benefits of Homitt 30 cooler:

    • Food Grade Thermoplastic Polyether Urethanes
    • Three layers of Insulation
    • High-density foam between interior and exterior
    • Closed cell foams to lock cold air inside
    • Water resistant
    • Airtight Zipper
    • Antimicrobial liner
    • Two ways to carry, side handles and shoulder strap
    • Compact Size
    • Can hold 30 Cans or 35 pounds of ice
    • Up to 5 days of ice retention
    • Maximum Durability
    • Decent looks
    pros homitt soft pack cooler 30

    Cons of Homitt 30 Cooler

    Despite the compact size, the cooler is slightly heavy. It is mainly because of the 3 layers insulation inside to prevent hot air entering the chamber and durable construction, which is a good side. So considering the advantages of heavy construction, additional half a pound is not a big of a deal.

    Bottom Line to Homitt 30 Cans Soft Pack Cooler review

    A cooler bag is something that everyone should have with them for any emergency situation. But it is also important that the cooler bag can contain your things and keep them chilled for a long time. And from the Homitt 30 cans soft pack cooler review, you might have learned already that the amazing cooler is a perfect fit in almost every aspect. So, we will recommend buying this highly efficient cooler bag for your outdoor vacations and emergency situations.

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