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Engel 19 quart Dry Box Cooler What you can’t resist

The Engel 19 quart dry box cooler is the ultimate cooler for you. It’s the backup freezer that you were looking for. The 19 quart cooler is stylish, long lasting, durable, and most importantly, Engel offers an attractive price for this cooler.

Engel 19 quart dry box cooler

But, don’t jump into any conclusion just by reading the first few lines. I have a full review on this amazing cooler, so that you can make the right decision before buying your ultimate cooler.

About Engel Coolers​​​​

Self-claimed pioneer of portable refrigeration and cooling, the Engel Company started its journey back in 1962. Through much patience and innovation, they introduced the high performance rotationally molded cooler which was first of its kind. Over the last 50-55 years, Engel continued its innovations and introduced the Engel dry box coolers to people to make their life super easy.

These Engel dry box coolers come in many different sizes and colors but today I will only review the 19 quart size of this dry box cooler range.

Engel 19 quart dry box cooler overview

The Engel 19 quart dry box cooler is a great addition to your outdoor bag. Engel added as many features and facilities as possible to this cooler. Being the pioneer of portable refrigeration, Engle was one of the very first to use rotomolded, foam injected construction in its coolers. This type of construction delivers premium insulation and security. You can submerge the cooler in deep water and there won’t be any leakage. This dry box is also very portable. Engle added shoulder straps and handle to carry the cooler around easily. To know more about the amazing features of this cooler, continue reading my review on this wonderful cooler.

engle 19 quart dry box cooler overview


As I have mentioned earlier, the Engel 19 quart dry box cooler is stuffed with many amazing features that would make you to buy this dry cooler immediately. Here, in this review, I am stating some of the major features of this Engel cooler that will surely blow your mind.

High Quality Rotomolded Construction

Engel blended contemporary technology with rugged design to deliver the best performance one could ask for. Its high quality rotomolded construction has thick walls and seamless plastic parts which ensures superior insulation throughout the cooler. Insulation is important because it is the most vital indicator of a great cooler.

engle 19 quart dry box rotomolded

Besides insulation, rotomolded construction means high durability. The rugged, sturdy body of the cooler can stand any rigors of the journey.

Polystyrene insulation System

Great coolers have great insulation. Engel 19 quart dry box cooler is no exception. It has over the top insulation system compared to its competitors. Engle used a patent pending foam injection technology in these dry box coolers to provide extremely efficient insulation. The foam is pressure injected in-between the rotomolded walls so that the temperature inside the cooler remains intact.

Airtight EVA Gasket

A cooler is declared inefficient if air can pass through it. Though this cooler is made from rotomolded materials with foam injected, there is still chance of air getting in and out. Therefore, to prevent air transfer, Engel included an airtight, EVA technology gasket to this dry cooler. This gasket seals the cooler securely so that there is no leakage of cold air.

Besides preventing air to pass through the backup freezer, the EVA gasket also prevents water to sneak into this cooler. You can submerge the Engle dry box cooler in 3 feet deep water. This incredible feature makes the Engel 19 quart dry box cooler unique.

Engel 19 quart dry box cooler Gasket

Stainless steel latches with self-stopping hinge

To make it more secure, Engle added Stainless steel latches equipped with self-stopping hinge to this dry box cooler. The self-stopping hinges prevent lid damage and prohibit any accidental openings. And the stainless steel, marine grade draw latches keeps the dry box cooler securely shut into place.

Benefits and Pros of Engel 19 dry box cooler

The Engel 19 quart dry box cooler is loaded with many foolproof benefits. In this article, I have stated some of the major benefits that you will enjoy while using this dry box cooler.

  • The cooler can store both hot and cold items
  • This dry box cooler can be submerged into deep water without having any issues
  • It is completely odor and stain resistant
  • Includes ergonomically designed carry handles for easy carrying
  • For added functionality, Engel attached integrated shoulder strap to this cooler


Along with so many benefits, the Engel 19 quart dry box cooler also has a minor flaws, which is about its storage. Its capacity to store your beers, ice and chilled drinks is a bit limited.

But if you are not super crazy about the volume and you usually go out with a limited people, this one will fit all your cans easily.


This Engel 19 dry box cooler has few variation of color and the accessories. Its decent colors that will obviously draw your attention and the additional rod holder might come in real handy someday. To know more about the colors and their specialty, continue reading the review:

Engel 19  dry box cooler White

The Engel 19 quart dry box cooler in white is a sight to the sore eyes. It is beautiful and soothing to the eyes. Besides from being alluring, this dry box cooler is super lightweight and very much easy to carry. Inclusion of the integrated shoulder strap and rotating top handle added more value to its portability.

Engle 19 quart dry box cooler white

Engel dry box cooler 19 with Rod Holders color white

To make the cooler more convenient, Engel added 4 pole holder to this white 19 quart dry box cooler. Aside its visual beauty, the white cooler with 4 poles provide storing space for safety lights/flags, net and even golf umbrella.

Engel dry box cooler 19 with Rod Holders color white

Engel 19 qt dry box cooler Grassland

To add more visual interest to its cooler line, Engle added the Grassland color to its 19 quart dry box coolers. The Grassland color looks like granite and would attract someone with unconventional taste. Moreover, the dry box cooler can be submerged in deep water without any leakage. This adds more to its uniqueness.

Engle 19 quart dry box grassland

Engel 19 qt dry box cooler Tan

The Tan Engel 19 quart box cooler is perfect for outdoor activities as this color doesn’t get dirty easily and the cooler box is easily portable. The shoulder straps and ergonomically designed handles make this lightweight cooler easy to carry anywhere you want.

Engle 19 quart dry box cooler review

Engel dry box cooler 19 with Rod Holders color Tan

Tan color Engel 19 quart dry box cooler is ideal for outdoor activities. And the addition of 4 holders made it more perfect for such actions. Aside from storing cold drinks and foods, now you can carry lot more other things in the side rods.

Engel dry box cooler 19 with Rod Holders color Tan


After reading my review on the Engel 19 quart dry box cooler, I assume that you have made your mind about buying this cooler. I assure you that this is the best cooler you will have because it has some unique characteristics. I would definitely recommend the dry box cooler because it provides the value of your hard earned money.

But if you still want to be sure about the product. You can check the reviews from Amazon.

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