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Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest Review

Tired of looking for the best ice chest to tag along in your trips and vacations? We all know that feeling. But today is the when the quest to find the ultimate cooler ends because we found the best one for you. In this Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest review we are going through every little detail of this highly efficient and durable ice chest that makes it all-in-one ice chest for all your need.

Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest

Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest Making your life Easier

For outdoor enthusiasts, Ice Chest is on the top of the list that they need to have for their wild adventures. Even if you are not someone who likes to visit the African savanna every once in a while, an Ice Chest can come in handy as an alternative to your freezer. You never know when your freezer bails out on you.

So, for avoiding any kind of messy situations and enjoying your outdoor tours to the fullest, you must get an Ice chest with maximum efficiency and full-proof construction.

work with Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest

If you want a particular name, then Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest it is. To make your life enjoyable and trouble-free, this highly durable cooler comes with complete three-inch insulation to keep your foods fresh, drinks chilled, and your mood thrilled. Along with the thick insulation. It has Cold Lock latches top make sure cold air cannot come out of the chest, leaving your food and beverages as they were in the first place. This Driftsun 75 cooler is the ultimate solution for you and every outdoor enthusiast.

Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest Review: Features, Benefits, Pros & Cons

Here in this Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest Review, we are going to talk about every necessary detail about the cooler including its key features, highlights and also the negative things that we didn’t like about this particular 75 qt model form Driftsun. Stick with us to learn everything about this cooler.

Features of Driftsun 75 Cooler

1.Proper Insulation

Commercial Grade Insulation

This ice chest was built to with stand the unbearable heat from the burning sun of summer and it does exactly what it was meant to. With its three inches of commercial grade insulation, there is no way heat can pass and enter into the gasket. That’s why it can hold your foods and drinks for days than you would expect.

Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest review

Thermal Lock

Along with the high-quality insulation, the gasket is designed as a Thermal Lock freezer, which means, there is no chance of unwanted air exchange from inside to outside. This results in cold air being trapped inside the chest, keeping your foods and beverages chilled.

Cold Seal Latches

The Cold Seal lathes prevent air to enter or come out, making it virtually seal for air exchange. With this latches and Thermal Lock commercial grade insulation, this cooler is a masterpiece.

  • 2.Maximum Ice Retention

  • Perhaps the most important thing about any ice chest is how long it can hold the foods, drinks or ice in it. Thanks to its high quality insulation, it can keep your ice up to 8-9 days straight.

    3.Military Grade Nylon Handle​​​​

    One important this to notice while buying an ice chest is its ease of portability. For easy carry, Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest has military-grade durable nylon rope as handles. They are strong enough to take the load.

    Carry Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest

    4.Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction

    Driftsun 75 cooler is virtually invincible due to its Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction. This heavy duty construction makes it much more durable and the cooler can take a heavy hit without shattering into pieces. Besides, the sturdy built will ensure protection from wildlife.

    5.UV Protection

    The exterior of this highly durable cooler is UV protected. Now, you can go out in the blazing sun without worrying about your cooler being harmed. All you should care about is your tanning in the sun.

    6.Dry Ice Compatible

    Not all of the Ice chests in the market comes with dry ice compatibility but this one. The interior is well-made to contain freezing disasters like dry ice.

  • 7.Weight and Size

  • The Cooler is of average dimensions yet it has a huge amount of foods, cans, and ice to tag along. Without things inside, the cooler weight 32 pounds.

  • 8.Other Useful Features and Accessories

  • Built-In bottle opener

    If you forget to bring along your bottle opener to enjoy the chilled beers from the ice chest, don’t panic. The chest has bottle openers with it.

    Gorilla Grip Rubber feet

    If you are worried about your ice chest slipping o the ground, worry no more. The Gorilla Grip rubber feet will ensure it sticks to the ground when you are not moving along with it.

    The Gorilla Grip is efficient enough to prevent the chest from slipping in slippery and wet ground.

    Key Features & Benefits of Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest

    Here are the main features for you to look at a glance:

    • Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction
    • No Sweat Exterior
    • Commercial Grade three inches insulation
    • ThermalLock gasket
    • ColdSeal Latches
    • GorillaGrip Non-Slip feet
    • Lock plates with molded tie-down slot
    • Dual Caps leak proof Drain plug
    • 8-9 days ice retention
    • Dry Ice Compatibility
    • Bottle openers built-in
    • Pressure release valve
    • UV protection
    • Military grade nylon handles

    Cons of DriftSun 75 Cooler

    The cooler has a plain and straightforward look that might not attract anyone to look back at it. But this simple and plain design can be a plus point to someone who likes to keep things simple and way out of the spot light.

    Variation in Color

    Although it doesn’t have too many variation, but Driftsun 75 qt Ice Chest comes in two basic colors, which are White and Tan.

    Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest: Color White

    Elegant white without any fancy design or accessories, this soothing snow white is a cherry for your eye. No distraction or attraction for wild animals. Bears and other wild animals that you are afraid of will hardly notice this ice chest in its pure white color. So, no worries of being attacked by wild animals amidst your fishing trip in cold snowy day.

    Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest  white

    Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest: Color Tan

    If you are worried about your ice chest being dirty, worry no more. With this Tan ice chest, you can go anywhere in the woods without worrying about dirt or debris. Besides, the color will mix with nature. Wild animals won’t get a sight of the chest easily, especially in deserts and in the woods.

    Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest tan

    Bottom Line of DriftSun 75 Quart Ice Chest review

    From Driftsun 75 Quart Ice Chest review, it is clear that the cooler is the one you were looking for. With maximum built quality and high insulation, this cooler is the ultimate solution for your emergency situations and summer hikes. Except its straightforward, non-fancy looks, it has nothing to disappoint any users. So if you were not sure about buying this amazing Driftsun 75 cooler, you should be convinced by now. But if you want to hear from other users of this high-quality cooler, read the Amazon customer reviews on Driftsun 75 qt.

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