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Best size Yeti Cooler for hunting

Among many Yeti cooler, which one is the best size Yeti Cooler for hunting? The answer of this question depends on how you carry it. In the summertime, many of us like to go out for hunting, fishing, and hiking. If you go for a several days camping or hunting, the cooler you take need to have more capacity to keep the ice longest. Pick the right size Yeti cooler for your hunting purpose to enjoy this much.

Properties of best hunting cooler

When you want the best hunting cooler, you should consider some matters. We know the best cooler comes with the ability to keep the ices for the extended period. Some coolers are able to keep ice more than one week. However, if your cooler is made of double wall installation, it can keep the ice for a long time. So, the cooler needs thicker walls.

Besides, cooler must have the durable locks as you use it for hunting or camping. Most of the hunting coolers have this feature. It is necessary to have an improved lock to keep it wild proof. Within a reasonable price, we want the hunting cooler with durable and easy cleaning features. The soft side coolers are also better for the hunters to carry them easily. One person can handle this type of cooler easily.

Which is the best size Yeti Cooler for hunting

In this article, I am going to recommend you the best size Yeti cooler for hunting. You can see that Yeti Tundra coolers are the coolers that are the best selling and have high demand. You can use these coolers roughly in any weather and heating conditions. Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler is a good product of Yeti. Within a reasonable price, you will get full five days ice intact in this cooler. However, it is a perfect cooler for your summer trips and hunting. This cooler comes with four different colors. It can be your best size Yeti cooler for hunting. The heavy-duty latch makes it more versatile. It is the best one for them who go for hunting with a car or truck and need not carry it with them. You can keep maximum 28 pounds ice for 5 to 7 days.

So, keep all of your foods and cans in this cooler and go out for your summer hunting. After coming back from your hunting, you can drain your cooler only by opening the drain plug without any hassle.

best size yeti cooler for hunting

why yeti cooler 35  perfect: see important feature

The cooler comes with many features. Let’s see some important features that make the cooler special.

The cooler is made of the polyethylene material which is roto-molded. This material makes the cooler stand impact. Besides, the thick wall of this cooler contains foam called Permafrost. It is very helpful to keep the inside temperature cold and do not allow it outside.

35 is the best size Yeti Cooler for hunting

The lid quality of Yeti Tundra 35 cooler is amazing. It not only shuts the cooler but also seals it completely. So, no air can go into it.  Besides, the rubber latches are also very durable and allow the lid sealed tightly.

It is a bear-resistant cooler. So, it is perfect for the hunter. You can see here the full review of yeti tundra 35 cooler.

For them who need bigger one

But what about them who need the bigger one but want Yeti Tundra cooler? Of course, there is a solution for them. They can choose the Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler. Most of the features of this cooler are same to the Yeti Tundra 35. Just the size is bigger. So, you can keep more food and ice in your Tundra 65 cooler. It is best for 4 or 5 people. So, if you go for hunting with some of your friends, you can choose this cooler. Just imagine a hunting camp at night with friends, barbecue party and some cold can of beer. So, keep a Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler on the car bed and go for hunting. Read our full review to know more about yeti tundra 65.

yeti 65 best size for hunting

When Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler for Hunting

Yeti Hopper Cooler is a soft side cooler. This hopper is for them who like adventures such as hunting and hiking. It is very much lightweight and portable. The leak proof cooler can keep your ice for days. However, the manufacturer uses here very tough materials which keep the ice for a long time.

hopper 40 is the best size Yeti Cooler for hunting

The size is very good for a hunter who wants to carry his food and beverage with him during hunting. You do not need to tense about the durability of this cooler. You can take some food and cans for yourself, hang it from your shoulder and walk for hunting. Whenever you feel tired, stop under a tree and enjoy a cold drink from your can. That’s really nice! It is enough for you. 

Some features of this cooler

This cooler is very much portable and leak-proof. It is so durable and best for hunting, fishing, camping, etc. The Cold Cell insulation feature is the best feature of this cooler because it keeps the ice for a long time.

yeti hopper 40 best size for hunting

The design of this cooler is really beautiful. When you keep it on your shoulder, it will look good! The cooler is narrow and comfortable. It is perfect cooler for a hunter who goes for hunting lonely. Besides, he who like to go outdoor for hiking or to enjoy the nature can choose this cooler.

best size Yeti Cooler for hunting is yeti hopper 40

Besides, the grip and padding of the shoulder strap make it easy to carry for a long time. The Hydro lock zipper makes the cooler waterproof. You can see full review about the Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler.

Bottom line for best size yeti cooler for hunting

Overall, the both Yeti Tundra 35 and Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler are the best size Yeti coolers for hunting. But if you want to go with your car, you can choose Tundra 35 or 65. And if you want to keep your cooler all time with you, I recommend Yeti Hopper 40 Cooler is for you.

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