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35 quart yeti cooler review | why this is favourite

Usually adventure loving people have lots of pressure while organizing equipment for outdoor adventures. Main reason behind it is the failure of their gear to perform well when required. The chances of such failures can be low if you organize specifically designed gear like 35 quart Yeti cooler.

35 quart yeti cooler

When you are going out on a trip then it becomes necessary to keep some drinks and food items with you that can serve you for a long time period. In such condition Yeti tundra 35 can be the right choice for you. Yeti tundra 35 review provided here under will help you to know more about this little cooler. 

Overview of 35 quart Yeti cooler

If you usually want to preserve your meat to consume it later on, treat yourself with barbecue after reaching your destination or enjoy cold beer while fishing then you will have to find some gear that can help you in each condition. Yeti cooler 35 quart can be a right choice for you to keep your food fresh in every condition. It is a small and easily portable cooler that can hold enough amount of food and 20 cans of drinks.

35 quart yeti cooler overview

It can not only preserve your food and drinks but also keep you happy throughout the trip by withstanding pressure along with fulfilling your stomach as desired. Your Tundra can hold 20 cans and lots of ice due to its 28 quart internal capacity. Its 16” x 21” x 15 �” size can also accommodate long neck bottles easily even though its actual capacity is 28 quarts instead of 35 quart, as claimed by the company. 

Important features of 35 quart Yeti cooler

Yeti tundra 35 is admired by most of its users due to its features. Some of its important features are briefly described in this Yeti tundra 35 review for your reference. 


Yeti tundra 35 quart is made of roto-molded polyethylene and its process of construction is similar to the process used for manufacturing kayaks used in white waters. This feature ensures the longevity of this cooler as it can bear all types of pressures without any problem. Its thick walls are insulated by injecting Permafrost with pressure to ensure that outside temperature cannot affect the inside temperature of this cooler. 

Yeti tundra 35 is available in four colors

Yeti tundra offer us there are four color . We can choose any one. all colors are nice. Given below these four color. Just choose and pick up.

Ice Blue 35 quart yeti cooler

Though it has capacity to hold 20 cans still it is enough for one person to drag. It is adequately insulated to keep your food fresh for long time.

35 quart yeti cooler

Pink Yeti cooler 35 quart

Its 3”permafrost insulation and thick walls help in keeping your ice safe for long time. It can retain your food intact even on roughest tracks due to its strong structure.

35 quart yeti cooler pink

White Yeti tundra 35

Its rotomolded construction makes it strong and almost indestructible even on toughest routes. Its heavy duty latches seal its lid tightly instead of just closing it.

yeti tundra 35 white

Desert Tan 35 quart Yeti Tundra

Like all other models of this cooler, it has a dry food basket to keep your sandwich away from being damped by ice. It can also hold 20 cans of drinks with other food items.

35 quart yeti cooler tan

Temperature bearing structure

Yeti tundra 35 is designed particularly to bear even exceptionally low temperatures as they are friendly even with dry ice that has 3 times more cooling potential than normal ice. 

High end lid quality

A freezer quality gasket is used on the lid of 35 quart yeti cooler to seal it completely instead of just closing this cooler. It also has T-latches made of durable rubber that sits easily on its molded latch keepers to seal it tightly to prevent forth and back movement of the air. In order to hold the lid and body of this cooler tightly, hinges made of rust resistant aluminium rod are provided. Its lid also has molded hinge stops to prevent their breaking and preserve them for long time.

For fishing

you can also use for fishing yeti tundra 35 cooler. Many body use this cooler for fishing. It is better than other cooler for fishing on size and quality. 

35 quart yeti cooler

Benefits of 35 quart Yeti cooler are below:

Resistant to Grizzly Bear

Yeti Tundra 35 cooler is also certified as food container that can resists the impact of a powerful and adult Grizzly Bear. The Inter-agency Grizzly Bear Committee has certified this cooler as the only food container in this category when a padlock is provided on its front corners. 

Easy to carry

There are handles on both sides of Yeti cooler 35 quart so that two people can easily carry even if it is loaded fully. Marine grade nylon rope is used to make its grips. It ensures the structural soundness of this cooler. If it's to be carried by a single person then the integrated handles recessed in its body can also be used to carry it easily from one place to the other.

Extra facilities

There s a rack for dry food in Yeti Tundra 35 to keep your foods like sandwiches away from getting damped with ice. Non-marking rubber feet provided on the bottom of this cooler is another additional facility provided with this cooler. These feet keep it in its position even on slippery surfaces or the deck of the boat.

Drawbacks of 35 quart Yeti cooler

Every product that has some benefits also has some drawbacks. Similar is the condition with 35 quart Yeti Tundra. Though it serves its users through its features but for some people its price is a bit unaffordable. It is a bit expensive cooler when compared with similar cooler manufactured by other brands. But its producers justify its premium prices with the plea that it is one of the premium class coolers available in this size. 


After going through the yeti tundra 35 review provided in this write-up it can be concluded easily that 35 quart Yeti cooler is the most suitable for the people who love adventurous trips. Investing is portable cooler is right decision for everyone who loves camping. Though the price of this cooler is a bit higher still it is worthwhile to invest in it due to its durable structure which serves you for long time period as compared to other similar cooler.

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